M Y   M I S S I O N

Avni Barman, Founder

Lying helpless in a hospital bed can be very traumatic for a child. Trapped in a shelter away from a normal family life can also be very demotivating for children. My mission is to provide an opportunity for the sick and needy to explore their artistic bend as a distraction from their condition. Art will be a therapeutic means for a positive step towards recovery and self-awareness. I teach art to children and young adults across the Bay area, ranging from basic art skills to fun arts and craft projects, while providing them with all the requisite supplies to make the program feasible.

As proven by psychologists, incorporating art in a recovery process can help improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Art exploration distracts people from their condition, providing them with an outlet for their feelings. Experimenting in art eases their mind, reduces stress of the hospital/homeless shelter experience, nurtures their creative side, and above all gives them something positive to look forward to. You can help by volunteering for my program or funding art supplies to make this happen!

For more information contact artforrecovery01@gmail.com